Tan Ses is a multi-award winning artist from Istanbul, living in Munich. Through his art (photography, music and paintings) he tries to fusion orient with the occident. He believes that through art people can connect with different cultures and their history raising awareness, cultural acceptance and understanding better than with words alone.

Tan has a great interest in electronic music including sound design and programming, as well as a player of keyboard, piano, organ, guitar and percussion. He has released 7 albums so far which are all a mixture of ambient, world and ethnic tunes using traditional instruments and colourings in microtonal tunings. His works have been part of 40+ compilations.

The albums are available on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Bandcamp and many other streaming platforms. 

In the field of photography he is a street- and travelphotographer and member of the United Photo Press Organization.

Press Kit can be found here

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